Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Conversations with Weeshie

On the 21st of September last, I was interviewed by Weeshie Fogarty on his radio programme  "Conversations with Weeshie." Weeshie is famed across the country for his commentary of Gaelic Football games. "Conversations with Weeshie" concerns itself with all sorts of people and chat. It doesn't focus solely on sport either, hence myself getting a slot on it!  The programme consists of myself singing three songs, a lot of varied conversation and a snippet of my own radio documentary on Johnny "Dynamite" O' Brien. Our chat focused mainly on the San Patricio brigade, Johnny "Dynamite" O' Brien, and the two new albums I'm putting together, "Where Spleandour Falls" and "Hy Brazil."  I enjoyed the experience highly at any-rate, fair play to Weeshie for having me on his show.