Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Na San Patricios

This is the third music video from "Hy Brasil, Songs of the Irish in Latin America." I shot it on my ramblings through Mexico this winter. The locations on film are-Oaxaca, Chiapas, Mexico City & Monterrey. As well as filming iconic scenery, I shot sites associated with the San Patricio Battalion (one of which I had visited on a previous expedition, during the filming of Saol John Riley). Saol John Riley was broadcast on TG4 (the Irish language T.V. station) back in 2010. It was an interesting feeling to be travelling 10 years later to the same location, I must say, thinking back on those days of yore, it feels like I was a different person way back then. Time changes everything!

Na San Patricios is in Irish, I've put Spanish subtitles with this video, hoping to disseminate it in the Latin American world. I also hope to sing a Spanish version of the song, more on that soon in another cartoon.