Monday, September 26, 2011

Saol Riely

A T.V. documentary I was working on last year was just aired yesterday. The documentary was produced by Kieran Conncannon, and presented by myself. The programme concerns the life and times of John Riely-leader of the infamous San Patricio Batallion. We had a screening of the programme yesterday in the Pay as You Please Restaurant here in Killarney. There was a great turnout and we were well plied with mighty food and drink. The programme will be repeated on TG4 at 23.30 on Wednesday. You can view it on the net here for the next few weeks. The programme is to be found in the "faisnéis" section of the TG4 player, on the link provided. The title of the documentary means - the life of Riely - this is a wry take on the expression; "the life of Riely." The wry, tongue in cheek nature of the documentary's title, will quickly be gleamed from the sad but heroic nature of the story. Riely's life was far from charmed, but rich in depth and colour.
"Pay as You Please" restaurant Killarney

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