Monday, January 30, 2012

Pa' Los Del San Patricio

years ago I was up in Clifden, Connemara, for their annual commemoration of the San Patricio Battalion. The leader of the San Patricio's hailed from the town, his name was John Riely. As part of the commemoration I sang "Pa' Los Del San Patricio."  That song formed part of a documentary which I presented for TG4 entitled-"Saol Riely."  The documentary was shot in Ireland, and Mexico, in 2009, and 2010. The song was written by myself in Glenbeigh, County Kerry, around 2001. It's mad to think how writing that song brought me all the way from South Kerry to Central Mexico, the butterfly flaps his wings and all that malarky!


Wood Stove House said...

What a fabulous video. Thanks for sharing it.

- Jason Mundok

Enrique García said...

I liked it so much.
When is this commemoration? I'd like to attend some day. The story of John Riley is something I want to know more about.

Charlie O' Brien said...

Glad you liked the video Enrique, we enjoyed making it ourselves! The commemoration is on in Clifden, in the second week of September. To be honest, there is not much going on, but recently there seems to be more of an effort being showed; hopefully it will become more popular in future.

Enrique García said...

Thank you for the reply. I really want to know Ireland, maybe in part because the place where Riley was born attracts me.
I like your work, I was listening to some of your songs, they're good. I especially enjoyed the gaelic ones. I wish to hear more songs soon.
¡En verdad tuve suerte en conocerte a ti y a tus canciones!

Sofia vivo en el pasado Mendez said...

On September 2016 I was visiting a pub in Kerry and started chatting with a very pleasant gentleman. When I told him I was Mexican, he started telling me of his son, Charlie O'Brien, who was making a movie about the San Patricio Batallion, the Irish who fought alongside Mexican troops in 1840 against the United States.

I found that conversation fascinating and he gave me a piece of paper with the following words written on it:
"Saol John Reilly"
"Charlie O'Brien"

Is it possible that you are that Charlie O'Brien? and that the man I was talking to is your father?

I'm a Mexican living in Australia, and the reason why I was in Kerry is because my partner is Irish and we were visiting his family in Cork and Kerry.

I'd love to get more information about the San Patricios and Saol John Reilly, would you be able to recommend books or any reading material? Also, where can I get the movie your father told me about?

If you're the Charlie I'm looking for, thanks in advance. If you're not, sorry for the intrusion.