Thursday, April 28, 2016

Féile Comórtha 1916, Kanturk

"Féile Comórtha 1916" took place the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of April in Kanturk, County Cork. Tim Browne, through his musical wing "The Knotted Chord Folk Club," was the organizer of said festival, and an enlightening conglomeration of song, talk and story it was.

"The Strange Adventures" Trade Union Hall, Kanturk
Image © On Track Films
I did a talk there myself entitled "A Captain Unafraid, The Strange Adventures Of Charlie O' Brien." There were lectures on Brehon Law, Irish rebels and revolutionaries, champions of women, and of men. There were polkas, pints, paupers, priests, punters and painters. All four provinces were represented and a mighty time was had by all. Speakers over the weekend were Dr. Patricia Ó Siodacháin, Jack Lane, Brendan Clifford, Fr Seán Tucker, Carlito Obregón (myself) and Dr. Margaret Ward. To begin sunday's proceedings, at 11am there was a screening of the feature film "River Runner" by Declan O' Mahony. River Runner tells "the true story of the wild atlantic salmon on the river Lee."  A very important, and le cúnamh dé, influential film.

Music concerts included, Jackie Daly and Matt Cranitch, Denis Brooks, Barry Lynch, Rheidun Schlesinger and Paul De Grae and many others. To top it off there was a gala concert in which we all participated on saturday night. It was a great teacht le chéile everyone bouncing off each other, exchanging those much maligned currencies of ideas, music, stories, songs, and history. Ar scáth a céile a mhaireann na daoine. Fair play to Tim for organising such a varied and interesting bunch of participants. A mighty tribute to the men and women of 1916. The talks (and some of the gigs) took place, fittingly, in the Trade Union's Hall on Strand Street Kanturk. The gala concert took place in the Glen theatre, Banteer.

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